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Fokker Logistics Park

Fokkerweg 300
1438AN Oude Meer
€ 87,50 per m² / Jaar



€ 87,50 per m² /
10.284 m²
38.784 m²

Fokker Logistics Park

Prologis Fokker Logistics Park has been developed on the site of the former Fokker industrial complexes near Schiphol airport. It is the largest airport-linked, privately owned logistics business park in Europe. Fokker Logistics Park is an approximately 120,000 square meter flagship park, which accommodates customers such as Agility, XPO, TNT, Panalpina, Aramex, DSV, DB Schenker and other international logistic organizations. Prologis Fokker Logistics Park offers maximum flexibility in terms of space and layout. The park was built to meet the highest design and security standards as well as sustainability criteria. It benefits from an unrivalled position, with excellent access by air, road and public transport. As Prologis is responsible for leasing and park management, customers benefit from having a single point of contact.

Fokker Logistics Park offers your company maximum flexibility in terms of space and lay-out options. The high quality buildings are in a top location. The park is realized in a sustainable way and meets the strictest security requirements. Accessibility, including public transport, is excellent. Directly adjacent to Schiphol Airport, Fokker Logistics Park is the one of the most conveniently located distribution parks for logistics companies in the Netherlands. Thanks to its proximity to the airport, the park has a truly international and dynamic dimension. It is also strategically located for road access. With direct access to the A4 and A9, and excellent public transport links, Fokker Logistics Park’s position is unrivalled and will contribute to your company’s success. Fokker Logistics Park is set to expand with the addition of two new buildings, projects of each approximately 11,000 square meters that will offer tailor made distribution space to respond to customer’s needs.

A logistics park near an airport demands the highest possible level of security. This has been taken into account at Fokker Logistics Park. Nobody can enter your premises without being noticed. You can view the park as one on the most heavily protected areas near Schiphol airport, surrounded by ponds, fences and other security measures. Right at the entrance of Fokker Logistics Park flows of goods are checked. Anyone who wants to enter the complex has to pass a guard. Permanent manned security and a sound ID-card system. The TAPA guidelines were the basis for all facets of the construction, lay-out and management of the park. TAPA, Transported Asset Protection Association, is designed the international (Freight) Security Requirements. Many years of experience in logistics have provided us with much insight in our customers’ logistics processes. A perfect location, flexibility, convenience, sustainability and security. These are the aspects that make Fokker Logistics Park stand out and enable you to focus fully on your core activities. Without having to deal with less relevant matters. So we are happy to take on the management of the park. And provide a complete package of services so you don’t have to worry about them. In addition, you have maximum flexibility in terms of space, in good as well as challenging times. The space you rent or lease can be adjusted to fit the development, the growth or shrinkage of your organization.

Fokker DC2B is an approximately 11,000 sqm new build-to suit project that can be developed tailor-made to fit your specific needs. The facility will be a state-of-the-art distribution center with a clear height of 10.8 meters, 16 loading docks, 2 jumbo docks and 2 overhead doors.

Total area overview
• Warehouse 8,885 sqm
• Mezzanine 1,200 sqm
• Office 1,200 sqm
• Total 11,285 sqm
• Total Ground Area 16,400 sqm

Fokker DC3D is an approximately 10,000 sqm new build-to suit project that can be developed tailor-made to fit your specific needs. The facility will be a state-of-the-art distribution center with a clear height of 10.8 meters, 14 loading docks, 2 jumbo docks and 1 overhead door.

Total area overview
• Warehouse 8,500 sqm
• Office 1,800 sqm
• Total 10,300 sqm
• Total Ground Area 13,685 sqm

Specifications (1)
• Supporting structure and floor slab • Reinforced concrete foundation (with concrete piles) under main structure (columns and walls).
• Floor slab capability area loads of 40 KN /m² and point loads of 2 x 60 kN per shelf post with a base plate of 100 x 100 mm, flatness in racking area according to DIN 18202, table 3 line 4, thickness min. 160 mm.
• Floor design joint less (no flexible joints) with traditional reinforced mesh or hybrid, high performance concrete quality C30/37 with HSP-pile foundation.
• Structure warehouse steel (with a reference period of 50 years) with a clear height of 10.80 m, slim square columns to optimize storage capacity, all columns designed to withstand the impact load of a 5.0 ton fork-lift truck.
• Columns in expedition area protected by galvanized guard rail. • Optimized building grid approx. 21.90 m x 12 m due to integrated structural design & engineering of steel structure, prepared for (future) mezzanine, normal and narrow aisle racking lay out.

Wall elements, façade and roof
• Robust prefabricated reinforced concrete plinth h. 0.20 m above warehouse floor (3.50 m at docks) and an insulation value of Rc ≥ 3.5 m²K/W.
• Architectural wall panels with high grade insulation of Rc ≥ 4.5 i.o 3.5 m²K/W , FM-approved.
• Roof system with vapour barrier, inflammable FM-approved thermal PIR insulation.
• Rc-value ≥ 6 i.o 3.5 m²K/W and PVC roof membrane with internal polyester scrim reinforcement thickness 1.5 mm (light grey). Fastening plan according to FM-global.
• Roof cladding with bright white interior coating.
• Roof structure prepared for solar panels max. 15 kg/m².
• Lockable roof hatch, roof safety system and safety zone marking.
• Roof dewatering system with emergency overflow system insulated. • Roof lights approx. 2% of roof surface: polycarbonate multiple layer with polycarbonate ceiling panel.

Outdoor facilities
• Vertical steel bar fence h=2.00 m with secure blind connection to the posts, finished with durable coating in RAL color.
• Electrically driven automatic entrance gates, cantilever type with aluminum lower beam and vertical bars finished with durable coating in RAL color.
• Site entrance (with separated truck and car access) protected by bollards and/or concrete guide blocks in the corners.

• Access roads: concrete cobblestones suitable for heavy loads SLW 45. Car parking space: concrete cobblestones.
• Loading area: -1.20 m FFL warehouse in front of docks with min 21 m¹ reinforced concrete area and line gutter, max. gradient 1.5-2% .
• Concrete retaining wall elements with robust handrail.
• finished with durable coating in RAL color.
• Truck court with asphalt/concrete cobblestones H-shape suitable for heavy loads SLW 45. 
• Charging points for electric bicycles and vehicles.
• Landscaping in front of office entrance area with upgraded concrete paving and greenery.
• Pipe sleeves (spare cable protection pipes) to entrance for tenant specific CCTV, security and access control system.
Dock equipment & doors
• Dock levelers:– w / l = 2.00/ 2.75 m –dynamic load capacity 60 kN, hinged lip with under-passages. Heavy duty running plate 8/10mm with insulation platform and gap sealing.
• umbo dock levelers: – w/l = 2.00 / 4.50 m – dynamic load capacity 60 kN, hinged lip with under-passages. Heavy duty running plate 8/10 mm with insulation and gap sealing.
• Energy saving mode for dock equipment control.
• Dock doors electrical operated: – w/h = 3.00 / 3.00 m, thickness 42 mm with double pane sight window, thermoframe, seals and rail-integrated mechanical anti-lift kit.
• Dock shelters with head and side flaps of PVC and bottom cushions.
• Dock envelop with flexible rubber sealing.
• Buffer: each dock leveler 2 pcs. rubber buffers.
• Dock numbering on the façade.
• Galvanized steel wheel guides and steel protection bollards at each dock position.
• Ground level access door per unit electrical operated – w/h = 4.00 / 4.20 m thickness 42 mm with triple pane sight window, thermoframe, seals and rail-integrated mechanical anti-lift kit.
• Emergency mandoors: burglary resistance class SKG2* (verzamelattest cf. NEN5096).

Specifications (2)
• Mezzanine above docking area: depth 11 m.
• Clear height under mezzanine 3.0 m.
• Capability area loads of 5 kN/ m², floor flatness mezzanine area according to DIN 18.202
• Support structure integrated in building grid without additional columns.
• Railing with kickboard including pallet tilt rack and emergency stairs.
• Strip of windows over the entire front facade, with insulated and sun-reflective glass h. 1.20 m.

Office & social rooms
• Architectural exterior office design with louvre exterior sunblinds.
• Main entrance with architectural concrete, glass door and clean-off zone.
• Reception area finished with ceramic floor tiles.
• Main staircase: representative stainless steel handrail and balustrade with natural stone steps.
• Lift installation.
• Open plan office with flexible lay out.
• Office equipped with anti-static, with standing chair rolls carpet tiles, wear class 4.
• Social/locker rooms and canteen finished with linoleum floor covering.
• Inside walls: metal stud walls finished with white painted fiberglass wallpaper.
• Interior doors h.2.30 m with hpl-finish and stainless steel ironmongery.
• Suspended ceiling acoustical mineral-fiber plate ceiling 600/120x60 cm.
• Sanitary rooms equipped with ceramic floor and wall tiles.
• Kitchenette each office floor.
• Aluminum windows with insulating HR++ and sun-reflective glazing Uw ≤ 1.1W/ m²K
• Cleaning cabinet with sink and close-in boiler.

Building service
• Utility meters: each unit 1 pcs. for power, gas and water, 1 pcs. submeter for each office part, prepared for smart metering.
• Glass fibre connection.
• Control panel for building installations.
• Public transportation and traffic control info screen in entrance area.
• Optional energy Monitoring System with 32” LED screen and app for mobile device.

• Building certificate according to BREEAM, minimum classification ‘Very Good’.
• Air-tight construction with blower test to guarantee air leakage rate of max 3.0 m³/( m²h). 
• Thermographic survey to ensure building shell insulation.

• Power outlets warehouse: 1 socket 230V/16A each second dock leveler, 1 pcs. socket combination 1x400V/16A and 2x230V/16A each 1,000 m², 1 pcs on the roof.
• Fork-Lift charging stations in modular power rail existing of 1x400V/16A and 1x400V/32A 5-pole each 1,000 m².
• Office cable tray with double power outlet and spare data outlet each 1.80 m in cable ducts under window strip.
• Corridors: 1 pcs. power outlet each 20 m² • Transformer: 315 kVa (shared facility with 2A)

Heating / cooling
• Warehouse heating system design temperature 13 ºC (at outside temperature of -10 ºC) energy saving high performance HR-heaters with axial fan and modulating premix-burner.
• Low flow ventilation system in warehouse.
• Energy efficient HR boiler with profiled flat-radiators/ floor heating along windows, step less thermostat valves in offices.
• Heat pump VRF-cooling system design temperature 22 ºC(at outside temperature of 28 ºC) and ventilation system > 2-fold with efficient energy recovery in the offices. • Upgraded cooling and ventilation system.

• Water-saving measures in sanitary rooms.

• Warehouse: energy efficient LED linear lights with innovative control, with lifetime lumen management via constant lumen output (CLO), dynamic DIM and motion sensor.
• Illumination level warehouse: racking area average light intensity 200 lux warehouse (+1.00 m FFL based on normal 3 m wide aisle racking plan), expedition and mezzanine area average light intensity 300 lux (+1.00 m FFL based on open space)
• Office: energy efficient LED lights ceiling integrated with innovative control, with lifetime lumen management via constant lumen output (CLO), motion and daylight sensor.
• Illumination level office: average light intensity 500 lux office rooms with daylight sensor along window side, 250 lux entrance area, 100 lux stairs (+1.00 m FFL)
• Outside facilities LED lights: loading area 75 lux, truck parking space 15 lux, car parking space 10 lux and 10m distance warehouse 5 lux (+1.00 m FFL).
• LED Emergency lighting and illuminated pictograms in warehouse and office.

Fire protection
• Sprinkler system: K25-ceiling-sprinkler according to NFPA/ FM-Global equipped with additional cut-off valves for water saving during test runs.
• Sprinkler connected to Fokker Park sprinkler tank and pumps.
• ITC connected to sewerage system.
• Side-wall sprinkler above docks.
• Dry fire line and/or on-site fire hydrant according to fire regulations.
• Fire / Evacuation alarm system with a direct link to fire brigade and private control room in compliance with fire protection requirements.
• Fire hose reels: in compliance with fire protection requirements.
• Fire separation wall elements.

Risk and quality management

• Single point of contact: Construction management and quality control via bi-weekly site visits of Prologis Project Manager.
• Quality control of design and construction of floor slab by specialized slab consultant.
• Plan review and construction management of roofing system by Roof Management and the Roof Manager web based tool.
• Environmental management system according to ISO14001.
• Environmental site assessment survey ‘zero base line soil and groundwater investigation’ at commencement of lease.
• External Breeam Expert and Assessor

Tenant works excluded
• Burglar alarm and CCTV Video system.
• Access control.
• Automatic barriers and intercom system.
• Racking and in-rack sprinkler.
• Furniture and lockers.
• System partition walls in office.
• Kitchen equipment and catering provisions.
• ICT incl. data cabling. 
• Hand fire extinguishers.
• Server room.
• Energy Monitoring System
• ADR room.

Fokker Logistics Park Sustainability has been integrated into the building design, realization and operational functionality. As the global market leader in developing industrial and logistical property, Prologis bears an unique social and economic responsibility. Prologis is in the Top 100 of ‘the world’s ‘most sustainable companies’. Based on years of experience with smart and innovative engineering,
a sophisticated design was created in which raw materials are used economically and the future costs are taken into account. A number of different measures have been integrated into the technical design that combines a reduced CO2 footprint with energy savings and low maintenance costs.

Economically sound
Fokker Logistics Park is a sustainable project. This brings added value to you and your customers.

Plus it offers financial benefits. As in phase 1, many environmental measures have been taken. You may not notice it in your daily operations, but you certainly will when you analyze your annual accounts. You will be pleasantly surprised by your operating costs. Fokker Logistics Park is a state-of-the-art sustainable project. And it shows in the quality of the buildings in the park as well as in the range of measures taken with an eye to the future. Building materials from the previous Fokker airplane factory location have been re-used, and soil and groundwater have been cleaned. Additional water storage and an improved and separated triple sewer system was also realized. It is difficult to predict energy prices, and we have taken this into account. A variety of measures have been taken in the construction of the buildings that will lead to savings.

Insulation (heat and sound), and low-energy light bulbs will prove to be invaluable. One more argument to opt for Fokker Logistics Park as your distribution center. The buildings are extremely energy friendly. Realized in accordance with the latest insights, and also with regard to energetic residual value for when the demands made on a logistics building change. Highly efficient lighting and heating systems are provided. Logistics is the driving force behind the economy. By offering the right facilities we want to keep it going, together with you. This means more than creating the preconditions you need for your business. It also means creating a representative image or your customers. The sustainable nature of the park makes a visual contribution to a responsible and caring image, in line with corporate social responsibility.

Your advantages
Fokker Logistics Park is a modern, state-of-the-art logistics park located near the third largest freight airport in Europe. It offers your company logistics business accommodation and high-quality service, security and flexibility and a vital network of companies located on the park that make each other stronger. All of this enables your organization to perform optimally in a top location.

Your advantages summarized:
• Direct proximity of Schiphol Airport
• Security thanks to periphery security and a high level of freedom once you are inside the park; a combination unique for Schiphol.
• High quality buildings give you maximum flexibility for your business.
• We know our customers and the market; we like to think along with you about the kind of facilities you need and want, including  duration and type of lease or rental agreement.
• Park management makes additional services accessible.
• The added value of a sustainably organized logistics park in line with corporate social responsibility and cost efficient operations.
• Strengthening of your corporate image through establishment of your company at the representative Fokker Logistics Park.


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